Often we miss out on the richness of life and our daily moments because we are so busy in our minds to step into our present moment.

Mindfulness is a way, it teaches practices that can help you exercise your attention to bringing yourself back into the present.  

If you have ever got in your car made a journery arrived at your destination and have no memory of how you got to your destination, its most likely you are in 'auto pilot' which is something we have accustomed ourselves to, we pay the price in missing out on experiences.

Whats exciting about mindfulness is - anyone can do it

We offer Mindfulness courses and workshops in a variety of ways.  To help you either start you journey or maintain the gains you have had from mindfulness. You can access 

  • Audio recording (short and long meditations)
  • Introductions classes online and in class (1-2 hours long) (free)
  • Day workshop
  • Weekend retreats ( deepening your practice)
  • Lectures about mindfulness

Living your life mindfully

Everyday can become a more fulfilling experience

Mindfulness improves wellbeing, physical and mental health.

We are here to provide you strategies that can help you live in the moment so you can stop missing out on the richness of your life, what ever you are going through.